BenchWatch exists to empower firms, consultants and corporations embracing the worldwide movement toward a more agile workforce – the use of vertically-specialized, independent consultants. This is done by facilitating the continuous recruitment, engagement, evolution and placement of these consultants while minimizing, and sometimes removing, key pain points in the process:

  • Pursuing talent for a specific client opportunity

  • Sorting through the avalanche of respondents

  • Vetting the truly viable candidates

  • Coordinating client-consultant interviews

The Result

Fully-vetted opportunities introduced to a pool of fully-vetted consultants.

We’ve Lived In This Process – That’s Why We Created BenchWatch

Jonathan Dison is Co-founder of BenchWatch.com, and also co-founded OilCM Consulting and Consulting University. He has over seventeen years of experience in the consulting industry, and has established himself as a pivotal player in the areas of Consulting and Change Management.

Jonathan began his career in 2001 at the prestigious Arthur Andersen Business Consulting firm, and over the years received multiple awards for project excellence, including being named in the Houston Journal’s “40 Under 40.”

Jonathan and Randy Ramirez created BenchWatch in response to the need for an online platform that would streamline the challenging hiring process for clients seeking consultants. Their goal is to deliver qualified consultants with speed and ease to macro- and micro-firms across the country.

Jonathan has recently written the quintessential book on the consulting industry entitled “The Consulting Economy” where he examines the rapid changes taking place in today’s consulting and recruiting market.

… If you understand what is powering this change, how you can benefit from it, and how you need to navigate the new market, then you can position yourself to take advantage of the greatest opportunity of your professional life.”

Jonathan lives in Houston with his wife Susan and their two children.

Randy Ramirez is Co-founder and CTO of BenchWatch.com. He also serves as a consultant for LightRock Consulting, where he specializes in Change Management, Training and SharePoint initiatives, and has completed six IT consulting contracts within the last three years.

Randy has significant experience in Web Development and his resume includes expert work as a Web Program Developer at software development company SolarWinds, Inc., and as a Lead Web Developer for Texas Exes – The University of Texas’ alumni association.

In addition to his successful career, Randy also volunteers as the Vice Chair for the Management Board at UT Elementary School in Austin, Texas.

He is a graduate of Stephen F. Austin University, and resides in Austin with his wife Lisa and their daughter.

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