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    Are you confused about what exactly a consultant does?
    Are you unfamiliar with the term the consulting economy?

    “The Consulting Economy” establishes Jonathan Dison as the forerunner in defining and articulating what the consulting industry is, and how this $425 billion dollar marketplace is changing the face of the American workplace.

    Freelance consulting has become one of the fastest growing careers in the 21st Century, and there is constant need for qualified candidates to fill the growing pool of freelance positions available in our booming internet service economy.

    “…Companies have realized that it makes more sense to outsource the bulk of their work to an external workforce of consultants and contractors who pay on a project-by-project basis, as opposed to hiring full time, salaried employees for every project”
    – ”The Consulting Economy”

    Mr. Dison wrote “The Consulting Economy” as an essential guide to the consulting industry.

    “…to lay out a blueprint for any professional ready to go out on their own and become an independent consultant.”
    – ”The Consulting Economy”

    Jonathan Dison knows the consulting industry inside and out, and this book is an excellent tool for helping you to take the first step to becoming a specialized consultant.

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    Q: What does BenchWatch do?
    A: BenchWatch is an automated recruiting and staffing platform that helps consulting and staffing firms build and maintain a “bench” of vertically-specialized independent consultants who are vetted, trusted and often certified – ready for placement as your clients’ opportunities arise. BenchWatch saves you valuable time by enabling you to manage the entire recruitment and placement process from one site –

    Q: How does BenchWatch do it?
    A: As a cloud-based, managed SaaS platform, BenchWatch provides you immediate access to all of the relevant information on each incoming candidate, including resume, certification(s), areas of expertise and availability. You and your colleagues (other recruiters in your firm) can also “rate” candidates, ensuring submittal and placement of the most qualified consultants in your client engagements.

    Q: How long does it takes to get up and running?
    A: You can begin recruiting consultants to build your bench, review their profiles as they join and begin rating each within forty-eight hours of your firm joining BenchWatch.

    Q: How quickly can I place a consultant using BenchWatch?
    A: The BenchWatch platform can reduce placement time from weeks to days. Upon entering the guidelines for a client opportunity/position, vertically-specialized consultants can instantly join your bench and click “Interested.” One client realized seven candidates within one hour of posting their very first opportunity on BenchWatch and placing ads on LinkedIn to promote the posting.

    Q: Can I access my portal and data from anywhere?
    A: Being cloud-based, you can access and maintain your bench of consultants, client opportunities and the recruiting process from anywhere on the planet! Instant message consultants, receive instant alerts and introduce clients to your top recommendations through BenchWatch 24/7/365.

    Q: What do your offer that other managed platforms don’t?
    A: There are a few answers to this one…
    BenchWatch Plus: Our marketing professionals will place recruitment ads for you, growing your bench with more specialized consultants in your areas of expertise.

    BenchWatch Concierge: Our experts will vet candidates expressing interest in a specific opportunity, reporting the best candidates to you for the most efficient use of your time and energy.

    48-Hour Client Window: Upon choosing to “Share With Client” a top consultant, your client will have 48 hours to contact the candidate directly and schedule an interview. No more back-and-forth insanity for you!

    Q: What happens if/when the BenchWatch “Areas of Expertise” listed don’t match my client’s needs?
    A: At your request, we simply add the necessary “Area of Expertise” to the field of choices, making it available for that specific opportunity and all future opportunities. This step allows any consultant with such expertise to add it to their profile, making them relevant to more opportunities…maybe at a better client rate for you.

    Q: How do you protect my bench of consultants from being “poached” by other consulting firms?
    A: Consultants joining only your bench will only see your opportunities and are not visible by other recruiting firms via BenchWatch.

    Q: Can BenchWatch integrate with my CRM software?
    A: Most likely! Click on the link to learn more on this: Click Here

    Q: How can I experience the BenchWatch platform live?
    A: Request A Free Demo

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